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Who Are you?


Clean. Sustainable. Natural. Plant-based. We gather inspiration from what’s around us, in its raw element. With this mindset, we have created a luxurious line of rice-based body scrubs containing clean ingredients in each bottle. Handcrafted in small batches with wild-harvested ingredients. Simple. Not complicated.


Why Make A Dry Body Scrub?

With so many complaints on how traditional body scrubs leave a greasy mess in the shower, and ours too! There lacked a void in the market place. We set out to fill it.


Why Do You Not Add Salt Or Sugar To Your Product?

Research has shown, that in a body scrub form, sugar, and salt are abrasive to the skin that can leave small red marks indicating sensitivity. EVERYONE tested with our scrubs without even mentioning our Niche, which is aligned for people with sensitive skin, everyone stated they have “sensitive skin” before they even tried it.

* Skin on our bodies is far different from that on our faces.


The Best Way To Use The Body Scrub?

You can use it in the bath or the shower…

Pour a desired amount into your hand, add water to create a paste. With your hands, a loofah or a hand towel, massage into warm, damp skin on your entire body with a circular motion. Rinse with water until clean.


How Often Should People Use The Body Scrub?

As every skin is different and delicate, we have formulated the scrub to be used daily or 2-3 times a week. Focus on trigger points you may want to eliminate such as elbows, knees, or rough skin. The dry body scrub is formulated as a gentle exfoliate that nourishes your skin as you use it.

It also works great as a gentle skin exfoliation before shaving, and as a pre-exfoliator for at-home tanning.


Is there a proper way to use the scrub?

YES! On your body only! You know your body best. Like any other routine, test what’s best for you! We encourage that you find your best routine. But if needed, our best practices are also stated here on this page.


Are There Key Benefits To Using A Body Scrub?

100% yes! BODILEÉ exfoliates dead skin cells, allows skin renewal, moisturizes, and nourishes at the same time. Promoting smoother softer skin that locks in moisture.


When Should I Not use a Body Scrub?

If your skin is irritated in anyway, either if it's itchy, have sunburn or has a rash, let your skin heal naturally before starting a scrub routine again. 

** Best practices to maintain a clean water-free bottle, is to leave the lid screwed on, only open when needed, and keep away from the direct pour of liquid.